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This is a battery operated one channel pre-amplifier with separate Treble, Bass, two Volume Controls and a Master enabling the musician to switch back and forth from Solo to Accompaniment at the flick of a switch or when a musician uses the same microphone for playing Music and Announcing. By flicking over the Volume A to Volume B, having both been tuned during rehearsal prior to the performance.
- Input: 3.5mm mini jack
- Gain control  
- Ton controls:  
                   Treble:  + / -  20 dB  
                   Bass:  + / -  20 dB  
- Indicators:  Overload - Red LED  
                   Power  ON - Green LED  
                   Low Battery - Red LED
- Output:  0 dB, 3.5mm mini jack.
- Frequency response:  20 Hz - 20 Khz.
- Belt clip for easy portability.  
- Battery  PP3 9V

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